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Affection. Memory. Culture. Art. Gourmet.

Le chuchu, a meat-free bistro, flourishes materializing the desire to create a gastronomic haven that connects people, cultures and experiences.

From the French 'chouchou', a form of special treatment that means 'dear friend', Le Chuchu presents a vegan and vegetarian menu, with organic ingredients, seasonings and natural pasta, prepared with olive oil, selected grains and affective recipes from different cultures, resulting in a veg cuisine of cultural, national and international fusion, which reveres the many Brazilian regionalities.

Our recipes and preparation methods are prepared according to the best in each season, based on what nature offers us. With this ecological awareness,
we rescue our place as part of a whole, respecting our food, from its cultivation
to the table.

In harmony with the purpose of Chuchu, all vegan and vegetarian ingredients are carefully grown by small organic farmers, and this zeal shines through in every
dish that carries well-being and being well.

Art is revealed in the preparation of our dishes, which undergo a meticulous nutritional and sensorial curation, so that health and gastronomic pleasure are intrinsic to the experiences lived at Le Chuchu.

For us chouchouers, food means life! Life made up of memories, warmth, affections, relationships.

Let's enjoy our lives together, come and meet us and join our circle of chouchous dear ones!

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